Welcome to Sara Clement Photography!

Thank you very much for your interest in Sara Clement Photography. My main photography website can be found at:


My intent with this photography blog is to showcase photographs taken at various events that I want to share with people, and also to share any of my photo related thoughts, if I have any that is, lol.

My primary focus is currently wedding photography, but I also specialize in portraits, pet photography, band photography, actor headshots, and now especially, extensive photo retouching and restorations. I plan to add examples of that here, and on my other photo websites.

My pricing is for the photography itself, not for overly expensive reprint and enlargement fees. Please contact me for a price quote on any type of photography, excluding weddings. The pricing for weddings is listed below, and also on the Rates & Service page for my main wedding photography website, as linked above.

I price my wedding photography a bit differently than other photographers. My fees usually include, but are not necessarily limited to the following: multiple (if necessary) consultation meetings with the client; attending and photographing the wedding rehearsal if requested; my time actually photographing the wedding; any expenses that I might have, including: (but not limited to) hiring a photo assistant, posting the photos to this website (so that wedding guests can view the photos) as well as possibly posting them to my various photography websites, one of which features the option of ordering prints; all of the editing, color correction and retouching time required to make the photographs reach and reflect my standards, etc. I find that since most of my clients prefer to have the freedom to make the prints themselves at their discretion, I give high resolution photographic CD’s and/or DVD’s with full copyright release. I do not charge for preset albums, proofs or enlargements, although I am happy to provide my wedding clients assistance with these matters. Also, I find that the work involved greatly depends on specific circumstances of the wedding, not merely the time line of the day. Every wedding is different, and not everyone wants photos of the same things. Therefore I charge for weddings “a la carte”, and so a wedding package is made up of whatever custom options the clients prefer. I do not charge an hourly rate, nor do I charge the same price for every wedding. My wedding photography fees mainly vary depending on what parts of the wedding that I am hired to photograph. Please feel free to check out the Rates and Services information listed below.

Also feel free to check out my Resume page at: http://clickdshutter3.webs.com/resume.htm to learn more about my experience and background in photography. Thanks again for taking the time to check out this website. Feel free to contact me with any questions. 🙂

*Please do note that this website is a constant work in progress, so please forgive any blank pages and spaces that you might see.*

About ordering prints and seeing more examples of my work:)

Please note that this website that you are now on, as well as the one linked above, are mainly informational websites. If you would like to order prints and enlargements of any of the photos pictured here and more, please do visit my other website listed below:


You will note that many of the photos that you see here on this website are actually available for  print and enlargement ordering at that website. Thanks for checking out both websites, and don’t forget that you can always contact me directly to order photos at:



Thanks again for your interest!

-Sara Clement



Wedding Photography Rates (“A La

Carte”) :

*GETTING READY/PRE-CEREMONY PHOTOS – $250.00 (Any photos taken before the wedding, especially of the bridal party getting ready)



*FORMALS – $500.00 (Two different locations for the formal photography, as well as probable extensive retouching and color correction included. Please note, there is an extra fee of $100.00 for more than two different formals locations, as well as an extra $50.00 fee if the total bridal party consists of more than 12 people.)

*RECEPTION, Part One – $350.00 (Includes: cake cutting, flower toss, first dances, etc.)

*RECEPTION, Part Two – $250.00 (Includes: more candids and dancing photos, and staying until the end of reception)

Or, get the entire package for $1700.00, and save $250!